Rules & Guidelines
The following is the section dedicated to outline the guidelines that you, ‘The Member’ are expected to follow as part of your Contract of Registration and Terms of Service. If you choose to go against the Rules, you are the one expected to bear the responsibility and accept the consequences of your actions. This is both for the sake of the GZ Community and the Legal Obligations of the Web Masters.


Section A: No Spamming
Section B: No Linking/Advertising
Section C: No Explicit Material/Content
Section D: No Flaming or Trolling
Section E: No Warez/Illegal Software
Section F: No Insubordination
Section G: No Mod/Admin Begging
Section H: Bumping/Necroposting
Section I: No Aiding and Abetting
Section J: No Suspension Evasion
Section K: No Ban Evasion
Section L: No E-Mail or Private Message Abuse
Section M: No Mod Playing
Section N: Proper Typing Etiquette
Section O: Double Accounting
Section P: No Promoting Fan Pages or Groups

* If you are confused on what some of the rules mean, please visit our feedback center where a description is included. *


Signing up for this forum enters you into a legally binding contract in which you agree to abide by these Rules and Policies for the good of the Board as a whole. You also acknowledge that Rules and Policies can and frequently will be changed or added to fit the changing times, and that you are expected to abide by those as well. You understand that a message board is not a democratic entity; the members do not vote people into power positions, and they have little recourse in light of moderation. If all of this is correct and you have read the Rules and Policies above, then we welcome you to the Generation Z Forums.