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Sep 28 2016, 04:07 PM
This fiction means a lot to me because its saying goodbye to a good friend who was also a so much more. I miss you Vinnie. R.I.P. Sweetie!

It was late afternoon and I was sitting around waiting to hear the news. I had recently got in touch with his sister and found out he had health concerns Vinnie had never mentioned before to me. It had been a shock when I heard he had to be taken to the hospital after having trouble breathing. He had been sick for the past few weeks and didn't seem to be getting any better. I sighed as I glanced at the television set. It was on but I was barely watching anything. My mind kept going to him...worrying. I have had a bad feeling ever since I heard the word hospital.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when I heard the front door open and then close. It was my dad walking in. He looked like he had been crying. He saw me and I knew something had happened. Something bad.

"No!" I shouted and ran toward him with clenched fists. I was way past my boiling point anger wise. I did not want to admit this possibility. "No! He can't be!"

"I am so sorry, Hun. He's gone." Dad softly said as he caught me in his arms.

I immediately dissolved into tears and collapsed against him sobbing loudly. It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I was completely shattered.

True this is just one scene but it pretty much sums up how I felt then as I received the message Vinnie Wolf had passed away on September 26, 2016 due to heart failure. I post this in his loving memory. R.I.P. to a great as well as sweet guy.

Vinnie Wolf
February 4, 1963-September 26, 2016
Jan 9 2014, 08:08 AM
I have been debating with myself long and hard about whether to give this a shot as a fic since I retired from roleplaying. In the end I chose to not let him ruin writing too for me so here goes. I did make a few changes so it won't be what a few remember but the basic idea is still there. Yes, this fic is based on my old Power Rangers roleplay team Free Spirit. Thanks to all who put up with me over the years and chose to care enough to roleplay it with me.


Year: 2003
Place: Angel Grove, California

Originally thought to be peaceful, the citizens of this city were nothing short of surprised to realize they weren't. The trouble was that their wasn't anyone to help them now due to Zordon now being destroyed and the now former Rangers have moved on.

A lowly scientist/millionaire named Kyle Bergstrom had been doing ground-breaking research on the various forms of evil which has invaded our world since the original Power Rangers had saved us all last time. He hurried to his lab which was now the old Command Center and he had it re-designed so he could continue should the need arise in the future. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that it would.

Once it was finished, he began attempting to contact anyone in space. Unfortunately, he had managed to contact the worst evil the Rangers had ever faced.....Master Vile.

Kyle had to admit he was surprised at first because he had assumed that Zordon's energy wave had destroyed him, too. He was also surprised to hear that several of those villains who hadn't been turned to dust had instead resorted back to their evil ways once the goodness had worn off of them.

Kyle was nervous at first when he spoke to him but they managed to strike a deal which suited them both. Master Vile would make Kyle one of his henchman when he arrived on Earth in just eleven years and Kyle would forfeit his daughter to become the wife of the newly resurrected, Goldar.

Kyle sighed in relief and agreed willingly to the exchange. He knew deep down his heart had turned dark ever since the tragic death of his wife when his little girl was only three.

Not sure what else to do, he chose to disappear leaving his children alone for now. He vowed to return in the future for them. He finally admitted the one thought to himself he had kept a deep dark secret ever since his loving wife had passed. He blamed his daughter for her mother's death. He would see she paid the price for robbing him of the love of his life. He smiled an evil smile and knew that she would soon pay the price for killing her mother.

I know this is short but the first chapter is longer.

Chapter 1 - Trouble Is Coming!

Time: 11 Years Later
Place: Bergstrom Mansion

Eighteen year old Amanda had been searching high and low for her other tennis shoe. She was about to be late for morning classes and was growing impatient. "Alex, have you seen my other white tennis shoe?!" She growled angrily to herself when she didn't get an answer. "Jerk is always finding ways to screw this up for me. Wish he'd get his own freaking life together and leave mine alone." She muttered to herself. After searching in her large size walk-in closet for the third time, she found her shoe underneath a pile of t-shirts she had noticed were on the floor. "Brother-Dear, you are a dead man. But I will get you later. I am now late for school thanks to you." After taking a quick look at herself in her full size mirror, she hurried out the bedroom door.

She raced down the stairs leading to the first floor and out the front door. She could faintly hear her uncle Thomas Bergstrom lecturing Alex for hiding her shoe and making his sister late for school. She smirked to herself in victory as she got into her white colored jeep and she quickly drove off toward the local college.

As she drove, she thought back to the night she had been told her father disappeared. She had only been seven years old and she had taken it as hard as the night her mother had died.

Kyle had been holding Alex close and was sobbing his heart-wrenching sobs. He kept glancing to Amanda and shaking his head in disgust.

"Daddy?" She said to him, holding her arms out to him but he refused to take her from his brother. Tom sighed as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the room. Amanda looked at her uncle and asked, "Where Mommy?"

This ripped at Tom's heart, but he managed to say, "I am so sorry, Sweetie. The Angel took your mommy to heaven tonight. She is now watching over you."

Amanda burst into tears as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

She gasped as she yanked the steering wheel to the right, pulling herself from her memories. She pushed them aside as she finally pulled her car into the student parking lot. She parked her car and grabbed her books. She grinned to herself as she hurried inside the door for her first class.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Tom had sat his nephew down and the two were talking.

"I still don't get why you bother to let her go to college. I didn't go. Its not like we have to anyway." Alex complained. He was glaring at his uncle.

"She has worked her butt off for this, Alex. She deserves the chance to follow her dreams." Tom said.

"No she doesn't!" Alex exclaimed. "Why is it you always spoiled her, letting her do this stuff? She even got to graduate two years early just because the damn principal said she was a genius! She is nothing but a spoiled little brat who gets everything she wants!"

This time it was Tom's turn to glare at Alex. "Maybe because your father chose to ignore her after your mother died. She had to put up with both you and Kyle blaming her for Elizabeth's death when truth was, she didn't kill her mother!"

Alex growled deep in his throat and said, "That isn't true. Even if it was, she still forced Dad to leave, Tom. Not even you can deny that."

"We have no idea why your father left so yes I can deny it." Tom protested in a calmer tone. Both men seemed to be calming down now. "And yes i know she doesn't have to keep going with her education but yet she chooses to. We should support her in that."

"I guess...." Alex finally said. He grinned and added, "Its still fun making her late though."

Tom rolled his eyes and had to grin at this. Sibling rivalry. He thought to himself. He retreated from the room and using the excuse he was going for a drive, he headed out the door. He had something he needed to go and do.


Later that day, Amanda had met up with two of her friends(Erin Kramer and Melanie Sharpe) from college at the park. The three girls headed for the Youth Center to meet up with their male friends as well.

Amanda had carried a secret crush for her oldest guy friend, Travis Henshaw since they were very young kids.

Noticing how quiet her best friend was being during the drive, Melanie asked, "Is Alex still giving you problems over your dad leaving?"

Amanda sighed and nodded. "He just doesn't want me to be happy. I hate it, Mel! Him and I use to get along really well until Mom died. Now he hates me." She complained.

Melanie sighed and said, "I think you both need to sit down and talk it out once and for all. It would make you both a lot happier."

"I wish it was that easy." Amanda said as she pulled the car into the parking lot of the Youth Center. She spotted Travis's car immediately. "Looks like Travis is here already."

Melanie grinned and asked, "Are you ever going to tell him you like him?"

"I might." Amanda teased.

"If you don't tell him, I will." Erin chimed in, as she left Amanda's vehicle.

"Don't you dare!" Amanda threatened teasingly. "Keep it up and the only way you can participate in gymnastics is in Special Olympics!"

Erin gasped and said, "Don't even think about it! Coach Jameson is already on my case enough about my beam routines."

The three girls headed inside. None of them noticed the sky was beginning to get dark all of the sudden which was much too early considering it was still early afternoon.

The guys were inside and munching on some popcorn that had been put on their table. They were also sipping fruit shakes.

Amanda sucked in her breath when she noticed that along with James and Travis, her own brother was there too. "Oh great." she muttered as the girls approached the guys. "Hey Travis." She greeted him out loud.

Alex saw his younger sister and knew the perfect way to embarrass her. "Hey Travis. I forgot to tell you. My sister has a serious crush on you." He then shot Amanda a mischievous grin in victory.

Amanda was about to shoot him a glare when she heard Travis say, "I like her too, Alex but thanks for the info."

The group chatted and hung out until someone shouted after running inside. "HELP! THEIR ARE THESE GRAY COLORED CREEPS OUTSIDE TERRORIZING PEOPLE!"

The six exchanged quick looks before all running outside. All of them had taken martial arts training and could defend themselves very well.

Amanda took one look at them and sighed. "Tom use to tell us stories about these goons. They work for Zedd and Rita." She said.

Alex was now all business. "The Power Rangers always battled them, Mandy." He said.

Just as they were about to discuss this further, all six were teleported out of there.
Oct 19 2013, 04:46 PM
Hey guys!

Yes I have returned once again. Sorry for not being around for awhile. Between computer problems and health issues I haven't been able to.
Jul 24 2011, 12:43 AM
Plot: Two months following the Rangers giving up their morphers, Dr. K noticed a light come on on the Operator Series Red's Morpher and asked Ziggy if he had noticed anything out of the ordinary. When he said no, she let it go for now.

A week later, a fire breaks out in the garage, which really makes them both wonder so Dr. K calls up Scott after they put out the fire and asks him to return. When he does, she asks him to test the Morpher by Morphing into Operator Series Red Ranger. When he did, it left him unable to de-morph. It was evident their was something wrong with the Morpher. The suit soon altered Red's appearance even more and he was transformed into the new Venjix virus. He began to fight Dr. K and Ziggy but quickly overpowered them and then raced out of the garage.

Dr. K didn't waste time in giving Ziggy back his morpher and then tracking down the others. As soon as they arrived, she quickly caught them all up on what has happened and asked for their help in taking down Venjix once again.


Flynn/Operator Series Blue:
Summer/Operator Series Yellow: Hailey Hartford
Ziggy/Operator Series Green:
Dillon/Operator Series Black:
Gem/Operator Series Gold:
Gemma/Operator Series Silver: Red Samurai Ranger


Colonel Truman:
Dr. K:


Scott/Venjix/Operator Series Red: Hailey Hartford
Jul 23 2011, 10:45 PM
Title: Alone in the Dark
Rating: R
Summary: Sixteen year old Ami is asked to house-sit for friends of her parents for the weekend, but someone close to the family doesn’t want her or anyone else there. How far will they go to see to it she isn’t welcome?
A/N: It's rated R due to violence and slight swearing. Read at own risk!

Chapter 1

It was early evening and sixteen year old Ami Tenaka was preparing to leave for her house-sitting job at a mansion in Blanca Bluffs, which is in what her classmates referred to as the “rich part of town.” She finished brushing her long jet black hair and then pulled it back into a tight ponytail which trailed half way down her back. She added just a hint of blush to her creamy-skinned cheeks and then set down the compact. She stood up from her vanity and raced down the stairs. She grabbed her jacket from the hall way closet and then ran outside to her car.

She drove to the mansion, which seemed to take about ten minutes due to traffic. This was due to it being dinner time. She parked her car in the driveway and climbed out of the car. She reached over the back seat and grabbed her lavender colored shoulder bag. She draped the shoulder strap of it over her right shoulder and walked to the front door. Upon reaching it, she rang the doorbell and waited for the owner to answer the door. She grinned as a white-haired man opened the door and shot her a welcoming grin. “Hi Mr. Bell. I’m Ami Tenaka.” She said, returning the smile.

“Hi Ami. Come on in. We are still finishing getting ready to go. Mrs. Tenaka is upstairs packing a few last minute things.” Mr. Evan Bell said to the teen. He let her inside and they walked toward the kitchen as they continued to chat. “You do realize you will be staying here for the weekend?”

Ami nodded and said, “Yeah. My dad mentioned that when he volunteered me for this.” She grinned a second time before adding, “He mentioned you have an indoor pool. Would it be okay if I used it to swim some laps?”

He chuckled and said, “That’s fine. Just don’t sit down on the furniture in the living room or in the family room until you shower and get dressed. It’s one of our few house rules.” He seemed relieved when Ami nodded obediently. He continued taking her on a tour of the house going from room to room. The house was decked out in a different color scheme for each room. The living room was in peach but had white accents such as a white lamp, side tables, and the tv stand. The master bed room was red, the swimming pool room was blue, the guest rooms were orange, yellow, and other assorted colors.

The foyer was white which is where they met up with Rebecca Bell. She was dressed in a pale yellow button down shirt and white pants. On her feet were sandals, due to it still being late summer. She shot them a grin before she said, “Honey, its time to go or we’ll be late.”

Evan nodded and said, “Okay.” He then turned to Ami and added, “Help yourself to anything in the fridge or you are welcome to order out. It’s why we paid you in advance. We thought it might be a good idea since it is a long weekend.” He laughed when he saw the teenager’s wide grin and happy nod. “There is a collection of take out menus on the kitchen counter and there’s plenty of soda in the refrigerator.” He noticed the look his wife was giving him and then said, “Okay. The rest is up to you. Call your father if you get scared. No parties.”

Ami grinned and said, “Relax, Mr. Bell. I know. I wasn’t going to throw a party. Maybe just a small orgy.” She laughed when she saw the horrified look on the faces of the two adults. “I was kidding. Relax.”

Evan sighed from relief and then laughed. “You teenagers have the strangest sense of humor.” The two adults headed for the front door. “The alarm code is written on a piece of paper by the phone in the kitchen. If you invite a friend over, do not give it out.”

“I promise I won’t. I was planning to use this weekend for preparing my essay for a Workshop I want to take this fall.” Ami admitted to them. “They require an essay stating my reasons for wanting to take the workshop.”

“Best of luck with it, Ami.” Rebecca said. She seemed impressed now. Her and her husband left just as the phone rang.


Ami went to answer it happily as she raced to the kitchen for the cordless phone. “Hello, she said after she snatched it off its cradle.

“Hey Baby. Are they gone?” Her boyfriend, Brad Ellison asked over the phone. He had planned on sneaking in after the adults left. He wasn’t happy when he heard Ami’s soft sigh. “What?”

“Brad, you knew I needed this weekend to work on that essay for the Edison Creative Writing Workshop. They won’t accept any which are less than two pages long.” Ami reminded him, impatiently.

“Ami, I said I didn’t want you taking that workshop. It cuts into swim team which is damn more important than any workshop.” Brad said angrily.

“I am not letting you in. I need to get my essay done. This workshop means a lot to me. I really want to go.” Ami said and then hung up on him by hitting the END TALK button.

“Bitch.” Brad cursed as he also hung up the phone. Slamming down his own cordless on its cradle, he then began calling everyone in their circle of friends. He knew she wasn’t allowed to have a party there so due to his anger, he felt she deserved what was about to happen. He planned a party which would be taking place their at the mansion while the Bells were away. He told them as far as the day, it would be that night. He left his house and headed for the store to buy party supplies and food.


Ami made herself a white turkey and American cheese sandwich. After adding mayonnaise, she returned the mayo to the fridge and then also grabbed a diet soda from the fridge before leaving the kitchen. She returned to the living room and reached for her shoulder bag. In it was her lap top computer, which she removed from her bag and set it up. It had wireless internet so she got to work on writing her essay as she ate her sandwich. About an hour later, she finished her essay which pleased her greatly. She managed to write four full pages. She saved the document and then sent it to the email she had been given to for judging. Pleased with herself now, she decided to reward herself with a swim so she grabbed her bag, leaving her laptop in the living room and headed for the pool, which was on the lower level of the house.


Brad arrived not long later in his beat up red colored Trans Am. He began unpacking the car, aware he was being watched by a shadowy figure which was looming in the bushes behind him. He turned around, thinking he heard something moving, but didn’t see anything so he merely shrugged it off. He went back to unpacking the car, when someone rushed up behind him. Using a long-bladed knife, he was struck several times through the back which sent him lifeless to the ground. His body was dragged into the bushes and then left there.

The Killer glared at the house, fully aware their was someone inside and he did not like that at all…..
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