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Jun 29 2017, 01:58 PM
Have you felt it? The Dark side...and the light....

Hello GZers. It has been a while. For those that know me hello again, those that don't howdy. Your friendly neighbourhood sith lord has returned. It's been an interesting couple of years. I've graduated, become a doctor, fallen in love, broken up, went to two comic cons and a host of other interesting events. But I've missed the old site. While I don't know whether I can be as active as I used to be, I'd like to get back in touch with all of you discussing the things we love and care about. After all GZ is the place where people have even found love (sad to see Takeo no longer a mod).

So hi all and remember....the force will be with you. Always.
Sep 11 2016, 02:50 AM

So I just got this and I must say it is a pretty epic collection. It contains most of the seasons and best of all, it's quality is amazing. I mean seriously, I've watched many Power Rangers episodes on tv, web and even via dvds but this takes the cake. They've really cleaned up and it plays wonderfully on my led tv. If you have the time and the money and a thirst for original episodes in an amazing format, get it. Plus there's the bonus dvds and a 100 page book as well. Not to mention the cool holder for the dvds.

Power Rangers Legacy Collection
Dec 2 2014, 07:21 AM
So this came up in my mind. Batman is a central character in the DC universe and I get that he is a great superhero and everything, but a question arises, should Batman be in the Justice League? In the New 52 Universe, Green Lantern asks what are Batman's powers and I think it's important.

Let's review. First off, I accept that Batman is a great detective and a scientist and has super suits and information on the weaknesses of all the other members in case of a Justice Lords scenario. But seriously, BAT IS HUMAN. Most of his enemies in the books are just simple human beings that have erred on the wrong side of the law and possess no metahuman capabilities. Be it Joker, Penguin, Falcone, Catwoman, Two-face etc. etc. Sure you get Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy but they still stand within the limits of human capability to handle.

Superman and Wonder Woman however, face impossible odds and enemies of alien capabilities. Same with Green Lantern and the Flash. They also have the superpowers to deal with them, super strength, flying, speed, lantern ring etc. etc. Suppose Batman had to go against Darkseid or Brainiac. He wouldn't even be capable of running away from an Omega beam, much less deflecting it.

Now I would point out this doesn't diminish him as a character or a great hero but it still has been an itch at the back of my mind. So what do you think GZ?
Dec 29 2013, 04:29 AM
So I've been watching the some old movies on the VCR lately, and I came upon the Undiscovered Country. Turns out there is a whole debate going on on the internet about J.J Abrams' New Trek and the Gene Roddenberry Trek. I think it would be good to have GZers opinion about this.

As someone who watched all of the new and old Star Trek films, the original series, next generation, voyager, and some of DS9 and ENT, I find that the old series were better. Sure the graphics were not so good, William Shatner sometimes was a ham actor, but there was something iconic about it. Here they always had some new concept, some new moral, ethical, scientific dilemma that required deep introspection and tough decisions. It was about exploring the questions that we never thought we'd have to face. Exploration and science.

Then comes J.J Abrams Trek. While it probably has great graphics, big ships, star cast, it didn't work for me. Star Trek was about giving a message. Star Trek 2009 gave us no message except that of any simple action film of our time. Unlikely slacker becomes great hero, blows up the bad guy and wins at the end. Plus, they kind of damaged the Trekverse with Spock/Uhura and all the emotional crap that brought to a great character. Spock was once more regal in bearing, much more unattached then they made out to be. Plus, Into Darkness made more than a few plot holes.

But again, I'd like GZers take on this.
Dec 2 2013, 10:00 AM
A long time ago, in a forum far, far away

This is the GZ Star Wars fic you’re looking for. Yup I just referenced Obi-wan, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Can’t help with the referances today. So I thought to begin another one of my Star Wars yarns with GZ characters. This will be a slightly different fic than most in that GZ characters will not be in their native powers, rather they will be characters loosely based on the profile information I will glean from the members. Now some names I will use will be old because they were iconic and because I’m a bit behind on the name updates. I will try to include as many members I can, but as in any story, I can only include those I interacted with or remember. Suggestions for self insertion are ,as always,welcome. I do hope you will be enthralled by this fic, so without further ado, let’s introduce the character biographies

Darth Illus: Dark lord of the sith. Illus was born as one of the original red Sith. Betrayed by his lord, Darth Elysius who joined the jedi order roughly at the time of Revan's return to the light, Illus was jettisoned into deep space. Eventually the prophets of the dark side revived Illus on Korriban. The world he knows is no more. There are no more Sith except for the prophets. Illus is adept at force lightning, force storm and force levitation.

Bucky 'Mayhem' Torque A smuggler of dubious association, Bucky worked for Jabba for quite some many years. Upon the hutt's untimely demise, Bucky now looks for some new contracts on the Outer Rim, where the forces of the New Republic are not so vigilant. He prefers the use of a handy blaster and has been known to be rather temperamental, even going as far as to use fusion cutters to torture people for information.

Admiral Tyrallius A man of regal bearing, the admiral was the right hand of Thrawn during the wars with rebellion. This was his hidden play, a single man with all his capabilities, cloned to perfection from Thrawn in the case that the admiral lost or was dead. Tyrallius commands the Chimaera 2, a super star destroyer. Yet Tyrallius chooses not to reveal himself or his hidden fleet in this time, waiting and planning for the correct moment to attack.

Ryan Hardt A new recruit to Grand Master Luke's jedi academy on Yavin IV, Ryu is the hidden son of Master Plo Kloon, a venerable Jedi Master of the Old Republic. He knows very little of his past except of his great father. After the war, force initiates were sent letters to join the jedi. He now heads on a freighter to the famed planet.

Priest Ginyu A prophet of the dark side, Ginyu looks to revive the Sith order on Korriban. One of the very few who remembers the old order, Ginyu has holocrons of Bane, Revan, Nihilus, Malak and Andeddu. He haunts for the last holocron of Sidious yet the New Republic keeps it under tight gaurd. It is he who revived Darth Illus. He is powerful in Force Choke and Force Deception.

Starfire Sabya A former hand of the emperor like Mara Jade, Starfire was assigned the task of destroying Luke Skywalker but later joined the jedi. She trains as an apprentice of Mara Jade in the ways of the force and promises to be a great jedi. Her powers are force push, pull and jump. Also some rudimentary knowledge of force choke.

Takeo 'Take All' Tom A dangerous bounty hunter, Takeo has been known to wrestle with Rancors and eat roasted Sarlacc. Has been unemployed for a while due to the collapse of the empire and is getting restless. Prefers the use of auto blaster modified for his strength.

Darth Elysius A Sithari of the ancient empire, Darth Elysius abandoned the Sith for the Jedi when he saw the power of Revan and the Star Forge. He betrayed his apprentice who stayed true to the force and joined the Jedi. Elysius was lost in the last war with the Mandalorians and hasn't been seen since. Powers include Force Storm, Force levitate, Force Speed, Force choke and Force Lightening

That's all the characters for now. When new ones will come will update the list. Now onto the introduction:

The galaxy is in disarray. Worlds are threatening to break away from the New Republic as they are unable to control the Yuzzhan Vong whose worldships threaten to destroy the galaxy and purge those who are lesser. The Jedi Order reforms but many still feel the pull of the darkside. In the midst of this, an ancient evil awakens on Korriban to destroy all that has been created...
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